Wednesday, August 24, 2011

#61: Make 1000 pretty things.

Smock hanger

Button heart (with Eleanor)

Gingerbread house

Geneva's stocking

Popsicle-stick snowflakes

23. Geneva Wren

22. Pies for Pi Day.

21. Cousin board.

20. Fabric-covered toy bin.

19. Red and white pillow.

18. Fastenings board (velcro, laces, zipper).

17. Susan.

16. Eleanor's stocking.

15. Candy cane wreath.

14. Icicles out of a coke bottle.

13. Strawberry-chocolate macarons

12. Easter cookies

11. Eleanor

10. Blackberry-custard pie.

9. Body pillow cover (which you cannot, apparently, buy for love or money).

8. Lariat necklace.

Also to be worn comme ├ža.

7. Sack dress.

6. Jaunty yellow maternity skirt.

5. Lemon meringue pies.  Meringue is straight-up the prettiest thing you can eat.

4. Shark costume.  Not so much 'pretty' as 'well-executed and shark-like' but I will count it.

3. Disaster-cakes.

2. Poofballs for boo's wedding (weddings are rife with opportunities for pretty things)

1. Cupcakes for boo's wedding.

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