Wednesday, May 26, 2010

#63: Watch the Pride and Prejudice BBC mini-series

I've mentioned several times in Jane's presence that I hadn't seen the BBC Pride and Prejudice mini-series, and each time she was all, *incredulousness!* because who hasn't seen that?

And then I was reading a book of essays on Pride and Prejudice, and to an essay they would all go on and on about this series, like it was a rite of passage.

At which point I threw up my hands and phoned Chelsea to see if she'd come over and spend five hours with me and guys?  Totally worth it.  There are whole long scenes where everyone just...emotes.

Also, we had mad snacks.  Five hours is a long time.

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Rhiannon said...

possibly best BBC mini series of a book ever! Watched it when it originally aired (i was in highschool at the time) and distinctly remeber telling the boy I was crushing on that i COULD NOT TALK, WATCHING TV!