Sunday, April 18, 2010

#53: Have an actual tea party with, like, tiny sandwiches and things

My sister and sister-in-law and I were having a sister-day at the mall one time and I bought a red dress for $10, even though I literally had nowhere to wear it, and the boobs didn't totally fit.  But TEN DOLLARS!

Anyways, five minutes and a sewing machine can make anything fit in the boobs, so I threw a tea party and wore the red dress.

Everyone wore dresses, so that we could pretend that we were the kind of people who threw on dresses in the middle of the afternoon for tea.  And tiny sandwiches.

And lemon cookies (caveat: these were not actually good.  But they looked delicate and tea-party-esque).

And wee brownie cups

And cheddar scones.  With bacon.  And onion.

And strawberry shortcake sliders.

It was a feast.  A prim, ladylike afternoon feast.

Even Sam Skellington put on his Sunday hat and joined the party.

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