Wednesday, April 21, 2010

#49: Spend a day at the spa.

Technically it wasn't a 'day' so much as an 'afternoon,' but it's only, like, the third time I've been to a spa ever, and the first time I've gone for more than one thing. 

Back in the fall when I had The Cancer, Joel's classmates pooled their moneys and got me a spa gift card, but what with being in school and having The Cancer, I haven't had time to partake until now.  I got a Tension Release Massage and a Pedicure Manifico (or something).

Getting a professional massage isn't like bribing someone you know to massage you for an hour.  These people know what they are up to.  Plus, you can lie face-down on their tables.

Also, my feets:

Summer may feel free to commence.

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