Thursday, March 4, 2010

#29: Wear more dresses

Ok, part of the logic behind this one is that I think people look cute in dresses and I think I look cute in dresses and I love wearing dresses, but they are out of my comfort zone.  I'm trying to do more things that I love that aren't in my happy rut.  Plus, I'm going to Prague this summer and all of my pictures will be twice as pretty if I am wearing a pretty frock in them.

I figure dress-wearing is something that comes with effort, so I wore a dress today.  For practice.  I know you can hardly see the dress part because of the coat, but it is still early March, and chilly despite the sunshine.  The dress is a winsome cowl-necked thing from American Apparel, and it is both austere (due to the cowl) and a bit slutty (due to the shortness, and my disinclination to wear tights).  Was I only going six blocks to get some bloodwork done?  Yes.  Did I stop at the dollar store on the way home.  Indeed.  Did I look adorable doing so?  You be the judge.

March 22, 2010

My go-to party wear is jeans and a sweater, or jeans and a tank, but the Wear More Dresses mantra lives on!  Plus I had just bought this at Target, plus it lends itself nicely to one of my favorite pasttimes: wearing too many accessories.

August 24, 2010

Operation Wear More Dresses is a success!

More dresses in Turkey!

More dresses in Greece!

More dresses in Prague!  At the zoo!

And continuing.

More dresses at Thanksgiving!


trish said...

Of COURSE you looked adorable going into the Dollar Store in your little dress and red coat and black boots! WERE going into the Dollar Store...need I expound?

Also? Prague?! How is it this is the first I've heard about this?! I'm so excited for you!

Jane said...

When will you be in Prague? It was on my list of things to do in case I get bored in England. (Flights from London to Prague are only 16 euro...)

Awesome that you get to spend some time there. Going anywhere else?

And, btw, you look cute/hawt/sweet/sexy in a dress.

leah boldt said...
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leah boldt said...

damn girl! your legs look smokin' in that photo! and of course you will be looking fine in prague. i'll have you know, that i have been wearing many more dresses/skirts since being here and its fab! i always feel so girlie and cute in a dress. you will have many to borrow when you get here!

ps. how did i not know about this blog before? its very inspiring. and hilarious as always.