Sunday, January 31, 2010

#46: Make bagels from scratch

Ok so, a life without bagels is essentially a life not worth living, but any commercially-prepared bagels are bound to have salt in them, and salt is (for now) my kryptonite.  But bagels can't be that hard to make, right?

RIGHT!!  You thought I was setting you up for some big catastrophe there, but it turns out that bagels are surprisingly easy.

Make dough, as with bread.

Make balls and empoken balls with hole.

Leave alone, until fatter.


Warning; boiled bread looks, as my Foods 11 cooking partner Jovan used to say of everything we made with dough, like fat people.

To cure of fat-people look, bake!  The end.  Some of them are a little rustic-looking.

Some of them are very rustic-looking.

But they are chewy and good, toasted up nicely and spread well with some salt-free peanut butter (bless its beautiful hide).

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