Monday, June 11, 2012

#52: Visit a brewery/winery/chocolate/cheese factory (tastings must be involved).

Someone recommended we stopped by the Theo Chocolate Factory on our eat-cation in Seattle, and if we hadn't been in the area I think I would have passed it up because I forgot this was on my list, PLUS somehow 'chocolate factory tour' didn't sound as exciting as it obviously should have.

But for six dollars, they sat us down and explained and explained and what they were explaining was how chocolate is made and what it should taste like and HOW YOU SHOULD TASTE IT.

And we got to check out the machines

and the roasted cacao beans

and the tempered chocolate before they butter and sugar it

and Eleanor just hung out in her wrap the whole time like a dream

and at the end, the tour disgorged you into the gift shop (like tours do) only the bars were actually reasonably priced, and we'd taste-tested enough of the wares to know that they were AMAZING, so we bought bars for everyone back home (and for ourselfs).

Very Wonka, on the whole.

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