Monday, May 30, 2011

#67: Try deep-fried ice cream.

Our fourth day in New York was the day that Everything Went Wrong (Or Disappointingly), and we had very dim hopes of finding the Mexican food restaurant our hostel's concierge had recommended (there are literally like two Mexican food places in all of New York, but fortuitously he used to bartend at this one and so knew of its existence).  Said restaurant was in Greenwich Village, which is a warren, and Panchitos was on a teensy side-warren, so it was with some shock and awe that we actually found it.

And then we had the enchilada-burrito platter and then we splurged on the deep fried ice cream.  Excitements!

It was wrapped in a tortilla and drizzled with sauce and it was hot and sweet and crispy and good.

Ooh, and oozy.  Disappointing day redeemed.

Updated 17 Sept 2011

And then I went to the Richmond Night Market and had deep-fried ice cream THERE, and it was way more how I imagined it to be.

The ice cream was still icy and you could fork your way through the crust without knife or significant effort.

Survey of one says: much better.

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