Sunday, July 11, 2010

#18: Make Herbed Butter Burgers from The BBQ Bible

Ok, don't be grossed out, but these burgers have a wadge of herbed butter snuggled in the middle.

(You should probably be grossed out.  Raw beef is disgusting.)

You wrap the beef around the butter, douse them in salt and pepper, and throw the fat messes on the grill.

The one on the right is the red-headed step-child.

And then you stack, and then you eat.

The molten butter core keeps them tender, and the herbs flavor them from the inside.  No pics mid-eat, obviously, because the only thing grosser than raw ground beef is cooked ground beef with bites taken out of it.

I would make these again if we were having a bbq with few guests and I was trying to be impressive.  Definitely savory and delicious, but more labor-intensive than just chucking a few dozen frozen patties around.

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